New York City 1/2 Marathon 2014 Finisher!

This past Sunday the 16th I ran my first half marathon, and it just happened to be the NYC 1/2. Smack dab in the middle of 20,000 people, I ran 13.1 miles through Central Park, Times Square, down the West Side Highway, around the tip of Manhattan, and finished in the financial district.

I trained for 12 weeks, using tempo runs, Zumba, swimming, hill runs, and long runs. I also used my long runs in Central Park to get used to the insane hills in the top portion of the park (which really came in handy on Sunday).

On the Saturday before the race, I picked up my bib at the NYC 1/2 expo. Good job, organizers. NYRR for the win!


Picking up my bib and pretending I’m important.


Everyone got to write why they were running. Most people were running in memory of a loved one or for cancer research. 


I run because of Zombies. Obviously.

I had a lot of support while I was training for the race and on race day. My kick-ass mom flew up from TN to cheer me on. She also brought treats!


My mother came to NYC and brought these adorable cookies from Whimsy Cookie Company in Memphis, TN. Delicious!


Me and my race-day accoutrements, including the Go Pro camera that I wore during the race (video coming soon!)


closer look at my race-day gear.

I started in wave 3 at 8:10 am. I was aiming to finish in two hours and forty minutes. I ended up blasting through and ending at 2:22:46! (Still pretty slow, but so what?! Who cares!? I felt GREAT about it!)


The top picture shows me in the light blue jacket, after I’ve (literally) leapt across the finish. The bottom pictures are of me and Chef B’friend and me and my medal. Oh, and the space blanket! Can’t forget about the space blanket.

After cooling off and reuniting with my mother and Chef B’friend, I met up with my friends for sweaty brunch. I definitely had two bloody mary’s, and they were a delight.


Oh yeah, my mom also brought giant heads on sticks of myself and my dog, Olivia. It was pretty rad running through central park and seeing my giant face getting waved around.

Here’s a video of my saut de chat across the finish line. (I promised my dance friends I would, literally, dance across the line. Mission: Accomplished.)

What races have YOU run? Do you run just for your own enjoyment? Do you run at all, or is it too harsh for your body? Leave a comment, and let me know what you think!

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One thought on “New York City 1/2 Marathon 2014 Finisher!

  1. mariekeates says:

    Well done! I don’t run, I walk which takes twice as long 🙂 hubby runs marathons I walk them.

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