Turbo Healing: Plantar Fasciitis, Get Out Of Here!

Day four of my recurring plantar fasciitis struggle, (Click here to go back to day one and two) and I’m feeling absolutely no pain. None. How?

I’m icing, rolling, stretching, and checking my running/walking form all day long.

I wake up and use a tennis-sized TP Therapy ball to apply pressure and roll out my heel (where I usually feel pain first thing in the morning). I then lean against a wall and stretch my calves. Then, I head over to the staircase and hang my heels off the last step to stretch my achilles. Then, I get the hell on with my day.

At some point, I pull the frozen water bottle out of my freezer and roll/ice the bottom of my foot and heel. Later, while I’m watching a movie with my boyfriend, I’ll use my TP Therapy roller to roll out my calves, hamstrings, and glutes. Finally, I’ll ice the heels and arches of my feet while elevating them.

The next day, I’ll do it all again. And I’ll keep on doing it for as long as I think my good luck won’t run out.

I wish I had known what was going on with me the first time I got plantar fasciitis symptoms. I wasted months of my life confused and in pain, and I had no clue what was going on. This time around, being proactive has had such an extraordinary effect. I have some tightness in my calves that I’m stretching out, and there is tenderness when I roll out my feet and legs. However, there is no pain when I’m walking or running, and I don’t wake up with that acute heel pain that I’ve learned to expect.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why this is happening to me… why this happens to a lot of people. My friend Mac from The Running Company in NYC said it’s tightness in my calves and hamstrings that is to blame, but WHY are my calves and hamstrings tight? Why are my heels and the backs of my legs screwed up?

I don’t have any final conclusions yet, but Christopher McDougall, author of “Born to Run,” has a pretty convincing TED talk. It’s worth the time to watch the entire video:

Ok. I can dig what he’s saying. I liked the next video too (especially the part starting at 7:35)

Here’s the bad part about barefoot running… you have to run barefoot. Or in Tarahumara sandals. Or, in these atrocities:

Do. Not. Want.

Do. Not. Want.

I see people walking around Manhattan in these, and I want to vomit on them. I didn’t know what these were or why they were wearing them, but now that I do, there is still no excuse. (Maybe I’d be a little more tolerant if I saw people actually running in them, but these douches are casually strolling around Whole Foods buying kale chips and beer with delineated toes.)

Maybe there’s a better way? Maybe barefoot/minimalist is the way to go? More research, methinks!

I’ve heard about Chi Running… anyone had any experience with it? Leave a comment!

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2 thoughts on “Turbo Healing: Plantar Fasciitis, Get Out Of Here!

  1. Marie sent me over. My pain is in my instep, not my heel, but I’m going to try putting a water bottle in the freezer and icing this. I’ve been doing the stretch on the stairs already and stretch out my calves before I walk most days . . . I think I need new tennis shoes and that may be part of what caused this to reoccur, but I can’t afford them right now . ..

    • Don’t worry about new tennis shoes. Stretching before a walk is good, but icon and stretching at the end of the day may help your instep pain in the AM. So glad you came here and commented. Be well, and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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