Viva Las Vegas! Sin City Vegan Challenge: Final Day

Though the slot machines and chorus girls have been outrageously fun, it’s time for me to pack up my belongings and head back home to stinky streets of NYC. However, before I get on that plane, I gotta tell you about eating the fanciest Vegan meal ever right across from a super-fierce actress!

Let’s start at the beginning.

I woke up and got in the pool…


Wow, I had a really original idea and took a picture of my toes by water. Wait until Instagram gets ahold of this mastery!

… and I stayed there all day.

Eventually I did laundry, packed, and did other boring things. Let’s fast-forward to the good stuff!

I went by myself to dinner (my best friend, who I was visiting in Las Vegas, had to work.) I read some reviews on Happy Cow (a fabulous vegetarian/vegan website) about Sinatra. No, not Old Blue Face or whatever they call him. Sinatra is a restaurant in the Encore casino and hotel. The reviews were all positive, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did know that I was about to go into a casino alone and sit at the bar to order food.

There was a big wait for the main restaurant and a small wait for the bar. I small wait. I sit down at the bar and am promptly tended to by the bartender. I asked for the wine list as well as the regular menu.

Now, I read in some of the reviews to ask for the vegan menu, and I eventually did. However, I wanted to see what the “regular” food was like and if I was going to be left out of the “Sinatra experience” by my dietary restrictions. The bartender told me that they can try to make certain things on the main menu vegan, but the vegan menu was pretty killer. Here’s the vegan menu: 


Not too shabby! I was immediately drawn to the “Caesar” salad with lemon-caper dressing… I hadn’t had one of those in years! So I ordered one of those as a starter and went for the Agnolotti  with cashew nut ricotta and artichoke-spinach-asparagus sauce as my main. Finally, a vegan dishes that were originally designed to be vegan at a mainstream restaurant! I was so excited!

I ordered a glass of the Riesling to start, and immediately regretted my decision when I tasted it. Too sweet. Oh well, I wasn’t going to be that jerk who sends wine back because of her own bad judgement. Down the hatch!

And then, like an angel sweeping down to save me from my wine disaster, a server came by with a mixed bread basket and vegan butter. VEGAN BUTTER! At a normal restaurant! For the first time at a traditionally non-vegan place, I didn’t feel like a weirdo just gnawing on plain bread or skipping that basket altogether. It was fantastic “butter” too. I don’t know why you’d even want plain butter when I couldn’t really tell a difference.


A while later, this awesome romaine sculpture was placed before me. It was SO GOOD.


After I destroyed the Caesar salad, the server brought the Agnolotti. It wasn’t as mind-blowing as the salad and butter, but I ate all of it nonetheless.


Extra treat: Guess who came up with her friend and sat down at the bar next to me? “Red” from Orange is the New Black! (If you haven’t seen that show on Netflix, you need to crawl out from under whatever rock you’re been hiding from the world under and join us.)

And, yes. I pretended to take a picture of my half-eaten food to sneak a pic of  Kate Mulgrew. No shame.

And, yes. I pretended to take a picture of my half-eaten food to sneak a pic of Kate Mulgrew. No shame. Well, some shame.

It really was a fabulous dinner, filled with fake butter, fake Caesar salad, and real Captain Kathryn Janeway (Star Trek: Voyager, hello!?) It also came with an enormous bill, which I was anticipating once I saw how swanky the place really was. Just like cake or pizza… this meal was something special that should be kept rare. Dining here as a vegan every night wouldn’t bode too well for your wallet or waistline. MY GRADE FOR SINATRA: A+

Well, that’s the end of the Vegas Vegan Challenge! I had one “oops” day and a bunch of truly fabulous vegan meals from celebrity chefs (and one from little old me!)

I now return home to NYC, filled with good food and good memories. Thanks for joining me on my second vegan challenge this year! Leave a comment if you enjoyed what you read, or have any suggestions or criticisms 🙂 

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One thought on “Viva Las Vegas! Sin City Vegan Challenge: Final Day

  1. Jenn Scola says:

    Loved hearing about your fun trip and the wonderful food! Have a safe trip home

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