Viva Las Vegas! Vegan in Sin City: Travel Day and Day 1

My best friend is a very important guy who works for a Canadian high-end circus that has many shows in Las Vegas. I’m sure you can piece together which one I’m talking about. Anyway, he’s been living in Las Vegas for the past year, and he’s invited me to come visit him! Yay!

I boarded the plane with a fierce potato salad (steamed mini-potatoes in different colors, chopped chives, lemon juice, salt, EVOO) and a mix of farmers market greens with my naked Italian dressing.

I didn’t get a picture of it because it was too delicious. I ate it before going, “Oh yeah. I should have shared that.” Oh well!

Anyway, I landed in Sin City.


My friend picked me up from the airport, but then he had to go back to work. I was pretty hungry at this point, so I typed in “vegan restaurant” on Google Maps, and it led me to a fantastic place I wouldn’t have ever known about. Veggie Deli is a fantastic vegetarian/vegan place located on Wynn Rd. The inside looks like any number of Chinese restaurants I’ve seen in NYC.


The menu has a lot to choose from, and I was totally stoked about getting the veggie mushroom “chicken.” It was delicious and totally reminded me of one of my favorite restaurants in New York, Vegetarian’s Paradise II. (There isn’t a “I” anymore, so I’m not sure why they’re sticking with the “II” on the awning.) MY GRADE: A-

Vegan veggie and mushroom "chicken." Delish!

Vegan veggie and mushroom “chicken.” Delish!

I then went to go see my friend’s new show.

someone wore this at the 1984 AMA's...

someone wore this at the 1984 AMA’s…

The next day, I swam in the pool to get a little workout in. (I knew I wanted to have a few cocktails at night. Hey, I’m on vacation!)


Then, my friend then took me to Red Rock Canyon. Pretty amazing place.


Because I was totally starving, he took me to a wonderful restaurant called Honey Salt. It’s a farm-to-table inspired menu that uses local produce to make beautiful dishes. MY GRADE: A

The most delicious cream-less corn soup I've ever had.

The most delicious cream-less corn soup I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting in my face.

vegan farmer's open faced sandwich with a veggie juice.

Vegan farmer’s open faced sandwich with a veggie juice. So Good!

Then, my friend and I visited downtown Vegas


For dinner, we ate at Le Thai, a great little Thai restaurant with an outrageous wait to get in. Eventually, we were seated and ate some pretty good food. It’s was good but not as mind-blowing as lunch. MY GRADE: B

The Vegan "Awesome" Noodles

The Vegan “Awesome” Noodles

Conclusions about the Las Vegas Vegan Challenge, Day One: Las Vegas has great food. This is much easier than the Memphis Vegan Challenge, which wasn’t very hard at all. If you just do a little research or talk with those rare people who actually LIVE in Las Vegas, you can get excellent vegan food. Just avoid places like this…

The Heart Attack Grill. Famous for actually killing their unofficial spokesman with a, you guessed it, heart attack.

The Heart Attack Grill. Famous for killing two of their unofficial spokesmen with, you guessed it, heart attacks.

This place features menu items that are designed to be incredibly caloric and horrific for your body. The servers are “sexy” nurses who spank you with a paddle if you don’t finish your burger. It is sexist, exploitative, and the burgers don’t even taste good. Ah, Amurika.

I’ll stick to the veggies, thanks.

Come back tomorrow as the Las Vegas Vegan Challenge continues! What’s on the agenda? The Hoover Dam, more shows, and more great vegan food!

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