Memphis Vegan Challenge: Bachelorette Extravaganza

Day five of my Memphis Vegan Challenge culminated in bachelorette awesomeness.


The bachelorette gang walking down the streets of Memphis, looking crunk as hell.


My schedule for the day included:

  1. Wake up and play with dog.
  2. Hang out with mother, grab some brunch.
  3. Shower.
  4. Show up at bridal shower smelling and looking presentable.
  5. Hop on party bus.
  6. Have fun.
  7. Oh yeah, did you try to eat vegan today? If so, pat self on back. If not, try harder tomorrow.
  8. Spend the night at the Peabody Hotel, one of the best hotels ever.

I woke up. I pet a dog. I hung out with mom, and we had a sensible brunch at Jason’s Deli. As we were pulling up, I searched online for some customer comments or a company comment on what I could enjoy. I was delighted to find there were four sandwich/wrap options. I chose the spinach wrap and steamed veggies with a cup of vegetable soup (which has no animal stock or seasoning.) It was really tasty, and I’d absolutely get it again.


Then, it was off to the bridal shower!

Now, a few days before the shower, the hostess informed me that she was delighted to have some vegan food options for me. I was so surprised and thankful… in NO way did I call her up and say, “Yo. I’m vegan. Make sure you have some of that non-animal stuff available. I got a rep to protect.” I’m guessing she had seen the blog and my posts about the Memphis Vegan Challenge, and she had done what I aspire to do as a hostess… make every guest welcome and comfortable. (I definitely got her a kick-ass hostess gift for her extreme thoughtfulness.)

Here are the wonderful dishes she and her mother prepared for the bridal shower (a TON of them vegan for everyone to enjoy!)

watermelon and mint, berries, pickles and onion, and a wonderful veggie quinoa salad. Hostess Grade: A+

watermelon and mint, berries, pickles and onion, and a wonderful veggie quinoa salad. Hostess Grade: A+

She even got me two vegan cupcake options from Muddy’s Bake Shop, so I didn’t feel excluded from desert. Everyone should have friends as thoughtful as mine.

Vegan cupcake awesomeness!

Vegan cupcake awesomeness!

After a lovely shower, we got decidedly less lady-like and piled onto a party bus to head downtown.

It was a fabulous night. We ate dinner at The Majestic Grille (a former cinema house turned restaurant.) I didn’t take a picture of my vegetable and rice plate because I figured I could skip hovering my phone above my food for ONE meal to focus on my friends and the bride-to-be.

After dinner, we hit Beale Street, and I am expressly forbidden from revealing any further information about our debauchery.

All in all, an excellent day that ended in an excellent hotel.


One more day (Travel Day!) of the Memphis Vegan Challenge! Come back tomorrow for more tales of attempted Memphis herbivorousness.


One thought on “Memphis Vegan Challenge: Bachelorette Extravaganza

  1. jay says:

    sounds like a lot of fun! very nice of the hostess to think of vegan options for you all the way through to dessert

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