Memphis Vegan Challenge: Day One

I’m gonna make this as quick as I can.

I woke up after eating an amazing last supper. Had breakfast with Chef B’friend. Then, he made me the best homemade travel meal ever to take on any plane. Behold!

IMG_0351The best airplane food EVER. Succotash and quinoa in a box with shelling peas, nuts, and an apple. Healthy balance up the wazoo.

While trying to get to Memphis I had several delays, gate changes, more delays, more gate changes, and one dog in a bag for a very long time.olivia bag

Finally, touchdown in the land of the Delta blues, in the middle of the… heatwave. Yes, it was hot and humid. Sorry ’bout you, hairdo.

I get back to my parents’ house. I run around with my dog in an actual yard (big change from the concrete NYC). I hug my grandparents. Then, my mom and dad and I decide to go to one of my favorite restaurants in Memphis, Sekisui Pacific Rim. I thought the vegan challenge would be EASY there. It’s got veggie sushi and salad, right?

We arrived. We ordered. I requested the salad with ginger dressing, KNOWING that things would be just peachy keen. Nevertheless,  something inside of me decided to be a total hippie and ask the server if the dressing was vegan. Not vegetarian. Vegan. She assured me that she thought it was (and I believed it because I make ginger dressing all the time at home.) Two minutes later she came back informing me that the dressing had some sort of fish powder flavor in it. Not only was it not vegan, but it was not vegetarian. NO SALAD FOR YOU! Dammit. The first night. My “go to” vegan restaurant turned up to be an initial bust.

The server was super awesome and laid down the law about what was vegan and what was not (after asking the chef… and I was so grateful that she did it.)  She basically told me what to order, and I blindly said, “Yes.”


Edamame, AKA… you know what it is.


Grilled tofu and veggies. Seasoned and super tasty with vegan teriyaki sauce.

Bottom Line: My “Go To” restaurant proved to be WAY more difficult than I had imagined. This challenge has officially taken away my easy vegan automatic meals.

Time to wake up, and smell the REAL challenge.

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One thought on “Memphis Vegan Challenge: Day One

  1. Yes, there can be a lot of hidden non-vegan ingredients everywhere…you just do your best!

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