Clean Hand-Mashed Potatoes: Yes, you can eat them.

When we think about diets, we think about substituting “healthy” food for “guilty” food. What a totally messed up way to think about what fuels our body. If it’s natural… there’s a clean and delicious way to consume it. Potatoes get a bad rap. Let’s strip them down and allow ourselves to think about mashed potatoes in a whole new way.


Yes, I like using sweet potatoes sometimes. Yes, there is a really good recipe that uses cauliflower instead of potatoes. That’s all fine and dandy, but my point is that we don’t have to “diet.” We have to de-brainwash ourselves into thinking that this vegetable is “bad” for us.

Now, adding lots of dairy and cheese will turn mashed potatoes into mashed thighs, but adding lots of dairy and cheese to ANYTHING will do that.

Here’s my recipe for clean hand-mashed potatoes. It’s a derivation of the version Chef B’friend taught me a while back:

  1. Pick out some interesting potatoes from the farmers market or an organic store. The farmers market ones are going to be your tastier/fresher option.
  2. Add water and some salt into a pot and boil. Cover pot with lid to boil faster.
  3. Chop them into small sections, probably around one cubed inch in size.
  4. Pop potato cubes into boiling water. Uncover or vent lid on top.
  5. Let them boil for 12-15 minutes. IMG_0193
  6. Stab them with a fork to check if they are soft enough. If the fork easily goes straight through, you’re good to go.
  7. Drain potatoes into strainer.
  8. Put potatoes back into empty pot you just used, put a paper towel all the way across the top, and place the lid back on. This will suck some water off the potatoes.
  9. Don’t wait too long to get your masher, uncover the pot, throw away the paper towel (or use in cleaning), and get to mashing.
  10. Add in sea salt, ground pepper, and EVOO to taste. Please DO taste your food while you cook it and before you season it. (Ask Jamie Oliver why.)
  11. If you’re feeling a little dangerous, you can put a tablespoon of greek yogurt in as well. Mash it with the other ingredients. This is absolutely optional.
  12. Pop it on 1/4th of your plate. Fill the rest of your plate with steamed veggies and salad. (You can drizzle some EVOO a tiny amount of sea salt on just the steamed greens. Click here for my Naked Italian Salad Dressing.IMG_0200
  13. Hell yeah! Mashed potatoes! No one will be mad about it.

What’s the lesson here? If it comes out of the ground and is made for consumption, it’s not evil. If you add a ton of milk, cheese, and sour cream to anything it WILL make it evil! ‘Cause you’re not a baby cow, and you shouldn’t have that much dairy.

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