Breathe Your Injuries Away: Rhythmic Breathing Technique for Running

Breathing can keep you from injuring yourself? No Way. For real?


For real.

A lot of us don’t really think about how we breathe, especially if we are casual runners who do it for enjoyment and exercise. Consequently, a lot of us eventually injure a certain side of our body while running.

Rhythmic breathing matches your inhale/exhale cycle with the cadence of your feet. Inhale for three steps. Exhale for two. It means you’ll evenly distribute your exhales between both of your feet.

In April of this year, super famous running coach Budd Coates released the book Running on Air: The Revolutionary Way to Run Better by Breathing Smarter. After reading an article about it in Runner’s World Magazine, I’ve been applying this breathing technique to all my runs. I originally used it for improved speed and distance as well as getting rid of stitches in my side, but I (if I’m going to be honest about it) thought that the injury-prevention stuff sounded like b.s.

Turns out, it’s not b.s. I now run faster, smarter, and healthier. And it was the easiest thing I could do to quickly improve my runs.

Here’s why it works: The greatest amount of stress on the body while running occurs at the point of exhalation as we slam our foot into the ground. If you are constantly stressing out one side of your body over another, you will probably get injured. It’s like carrying around a really heavy backpack on just the left shoulder. Over time, the uneven distribution will mess with your spine. Which is why I went to college leaning slightly to the left. So it is with running. Constantly jabbing the same part of your body into the ground with that level of stressful impact will result in injury.

Rhythmic breathing levels the stress between both sides of the body, keeping injury away.

The video below features Budd Coates, and he explains how to learn and use rhythmic breathing. I suggest you take a look if you want to learn something quickly that will dramatically change your runs for the better.

This is the closest I’ve ever come to finding something that is like a magic pill.

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