I’m a Thief: Third Cycling Class


I stole something.

I took my third spinning class, then I became a criminal.

I didn’t mean to, but I did it. I walked right out out of the gym, got halfway home, and realized I still had a gym towel around my neck.

I was thinking so hard about the pros and cons of this spinning thing I’ve been trying, I wasn’t thinking properly as I exited the building. I wonder what the front desk staff thought as they saw me leave. Whatever, they didn’t say anything. They just let me walk right out the door. That’s accessory to a crime!

Going to a cardio class the morning after July 4th celebrations is tough enough. Going to something I am not that thrilled about… let’s just say it was rough trying to motivate myself this morning.

I’m trying to work out exactly how I feel about spinning. I know for a fact I wouldn’t have ever taken this class if my friend hadn’t asked me to go. Here are my pros and cons. Let’s start with the bad stuff first:


  • I get bored
  • It would be much more fun riding a real bike
  • It’s repetitive
  • It hurts a lot if you don’t have padded shorts
  • It’s easy to slack off on the resistance


  • I sweat
  • I feel like I’m getting an alright cardio workout
  • I like the instructor
  • The class is short (only 45 minutes!) That’s a big deal going from 90 minute Bikram yoga classes.
  • It’s a good exercise in honesty (reach down and crank up that resistance!)
  • I like competing against everyone else in the room (even though they don’t know they’re in a secret race inside my head.)

I couldn’t stop thinking about all of this during the class and after. (That’s when robbed NYSC.) I’m still not sure if I like it or not, and I’m usually a very decisive person. I generally know if something is good within the first minute of experiencing it. After three 45 minute sessions… all I know is my butt still hurts from the bike seat.

I know I have to return the towel I stole. I guess now I HAVE to go back to spinning class. Time to order some padded cycling shorts now.

I may not know how I really feel about spinning…but I do know this citi bike spinning class for the homeless is amazing.

What are YOUR thoughts on my pros and cons list? Am I missing something amazing about spinning classes that you want to tell me about? Leave a Comment!

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One thought on “I’m a Thief: Third Cycling Class

  1. Sounds like you can take it or leave, which means you’re not passionate about it. What if instead of thinking about it you focus on how you feel about it, let your heart decide (this may change daily and that’s ok). Trust your inner wisdom.

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