Juice is my crack: How to juice and not feel like a snob.

fruit and veggie juice

If I’m going to be honest, the entire “juicing culture” has got a bad rap. When we think of juicing, we usually think of an expensive juice cleanse that some celebrity says she went on and lost all of her baby weight in one week. Sometimes, it makes us think of that strange Cayenne pepper thing Beyonce supposedly did for Dreamgirls. Most often, it makes us think of self-righteous jerks who tell everyone they need to juice in order to be considered health-conscious. Those idiots give my sweet, sweet crack a bad name.

I’m not kidding when I make that comparison. Of course, I have never smoked that pipe. I’m just imagining the amazing rush I get after downing 10 veggies and 3 fruits in one go to be somewhat comparable to, well, feeling rather high.

Let’s make sure we all agree on what I’m talking about. Minute Maid is not real juice. That apple crap you get from the store is not real juice (check out the sugar. Holy insulin-rush, Batman!) That Arizona “fruit punch” stuff IS NOT JUICE. Yes, the can is attractive, but what lies within is an absolute health horror.

I’m talking about taking real food and physically juicing it (yes, yourself) in a machine made for this specific task.

Yeah, it takes 5 minutes. Yeah, you have to clean up afterwards. Yeah, it’s more effort than just popping the top off a bottle. But it is SO worth it.

Why do it?

  1. Juicing allows you to absorb all the nutrients from many fruits and vegetables in one sitting. Feel like you just can’t get your daily servings of the green stuff? How about taking care of that right away, first thing in the morning? Easy.
  2. It helps you add a wider variety of vegetables into your diet. Hey, we’re not all gonna eat kale EVERY day.
  3. You get the benefit of raw food. Cooking always takes some of the nutritional elements out of vegetables.
  4. Increased energy: I’m telling you. I get just a little buzzed after downing one.
  5. It will detoxify your system. Some people go on a juice detox every once in a while just to press the “reset” button. Just remember, in regular life, a juice is not a meal substitute.
  6. Amping up your immune system is always a good thing to do. There are many people who believe that juicing has cured them of a wide variety of ailments. Look, if you think that’s all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, whatever, but take a look at the trailer below for the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

Now that we’ve covered my personal WHY’s… let’s get to the HOW.

Step 1: Get a juicer.

Step 2: Get organic fruits and veggies from the store or farmers market. (If you’re short on cash, make sure you know which fruits/vegetables you MUST buy organic and the ones you can get away with buying regular. Here’s the chart.)

Step 3: Chop stuff up and stick it in the juicer.

Step 4: Drink yo juice.

Step 5: Be cool about it afterwards.

It’s as simple as that. And did I mention it’s worth it?

Freshly prepared ingredients for my juice this morning. That little bottle is spirulina, which I add to the juice and mix it in right before I drink it.

Freshly prepared ingredients for my juice this morning. That little bottle is spirulina, which I add to the juice and mix it in right before I drink it.

So that’s it. There are a million different recipes you can find or make up. There’s even an app for it. It’s not rocket science… just experiment. (I will highly recommend pineapple, mint, and ginger for a treat.)

Try to to remember: More veggies for nutrition, some fruit for taste and volume. Most importantly, be a real person who juices and not a snob who yells at everyone else for choosing not to do it.

Go for it, and enjoy your buzz!

Do you juice? Have you ever gone on a juicing detox? Ever go on one of those horrible celebrity detoxes? Leave comments! 

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2 thoughts on “Juice is my crack: How to juice and not feel like a snob.

  1. Thanks for following my site. I luv juicing. It’s my morning ritual. Thanks for sharing your healthy thoughts and views.

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