Women’s Inspire Yurbuds: Running with Style (Review)

My boyfriend works for a famous technology store. It’s in NYC on 5th avenue, underground, and has a giant white fruit floating above it. I won’t tell you which one it is, and I’m sure you’ll never guess. Much to his dismay, I am constantly losing the earphones for my smartphone/music player.

For my birthday this year, my “extremely smart” boyfriend (another hint!) got me a pair of purple Yurbuds earphones.

The following constitutes my review:



These are my purple Yurbuds. They have a purple pouch and come with two different lady-sized silicone ear pieces. The middle section that connects the right earbud to the left is a dry mic to take and make calls (don’t do that at the gym unless you want everyone to hate you.) The dry mic has two buttons to raise and lower volume and a middle button you can click or double click to pause, resume, and skip. One really great feature is that the Yurbuds allow ambient sound. Why is that great? So I don’t get run over by a car while I’m jogging around Manhattan.

The plug that connects to your phone or music player is angled, which is fine. I’m not quite sure what the benefit is, but I’ll take it.

My Grades:

Comfort: A-

If I don’t use the clip properly or let the dry-mic jump around on the outside of my shirt, eventually, the dry mic will bounce around causing the earbuds to pull and make my ears slightly sore. If I wear it properly on the inside of my shirt or clipped at the right place, I forget that I have stuck two foreign objects into my skull. This is the first pair to not give me major discomfort. The earbuds are covered with this blob of medical-grade silicon, and they are quite comfortable. They are specifically made for smaller lady ears, which is great because I have smaller lady ears. One of the “patent-pending” features is their Twist Lock technology. You slightly twist them at a 45 degree angle from the back of your ear down to the side, and they lock into your earhole. I haven’t felt them budge running outside or on the treadmill.

Annoyance: B

As long as you secure them in the right way, they stay and are fine. If you let the dry mic bounce around, the Yurbuds will annoy you more than a slow internet connection. Or a foreign call center. Or the Kardashians’ obsession with the letter K. Yes. Definitely more annoying than the Kardashians’ “K” thing.

Functionality: A

The buttons can lower and raise volume, pause workout (if you are using something like Nike+ Running), resume workout, skip song, answer calls, pause, play, and some other commands that I don’t use. The buttons are easy. Up button, down button, and middle button that you either click or double click. The dry mic is able to pick up my voice on calls even when it is inside my shirt.

Sound Quality: I give it an I hear the music just fine. 

I’m not a sound-person with an ear for that stuff. My boyfriend is, so I’m guessing he picked out ones that pass the sound-snob test. All I know is that he thinks “Beats by Dre” are crap for listening to music. He works out in a pair of expensive Bose IE2 earphones that are much more expensive than the Yurbuds. (I don’t blame him for giving me the less-expensive option. I lose earphones like it’s my job.)

I asked him to take a listen to my Yurbuds and tell me smart things to say about the sound quality. He is British, so make sure you read the green with an appropriate accent.

“They feel very secure in my ears, definitely. My Bose ones aren’t as secure [as the Yurbuds.] The sound is very loud and focused. The mid-range is higher than the bass and treble… not to sound whatever but the 1K and 2K frequencies are quite present. I bet human voices on phone calls sound really good (the elevated mid-range.) It makes a boxy sound, which makes it loud. All of that said, they’re not studio headphones, but they sound much better than I thought.”

Of course, when we were lifting weights at the gym, he took out his Bose earbud and turned to me:

“Now that I’m thinking about it, your earphones are probably better in this environment. The way the sound is shot directly into your ear and that mid-range sound. I bet the sound is better than mine in here.” 

My Boyfriend’s Sound Grade: C

Coolness Factor: I give them an A+

Just look at the add campaign:


Bad ass. Right? Sweaty, attractive people with piercing blue eyes. They’re like Siberian husky twins.

Additionally, LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS!!!!


Though the red ones in the advertisement are pretty cool, my boyfriend did the right thing getting me the purple pair. (GO RAVENS!)

What earphones/earbuds do YOU use for running or working out? Leave a comment!

UPDATE: 7/4/13

Yurbuds responded to my review on twitter. Super sweet!

"Awesome Review." Aww, guys! Shucks ;)

“Awesome Review.” Aww, guys! Shucks 😉

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