Spicing up H2O

Let’s talk about drinks, baby.

If it’s sugary and brightly colored… bad.

If it’s labeled “diet”… poison.

If it’s caffeinated… slavery.

If it’s alcoholic… try to drink it in moderation without sugary “mixers.” Drinking an ounce of whisky on the rocks = nice. Drinking 4 Rum and Cokes = dehydration, sugar rush, and empty calories.

So, what should we drink?


Yes, mostly water. All day, every day. As much as you can. Some people swear by drinking a gallon of water a day. (Just make sure you know water poisoning is a real and lethal thing. Drink a large amount over time, not all at once.)

“But that’s so BORING!”

Well, sorry. That’s what makes up 60% of our bodies and what springs out of the earth for us to drink. I don’t see any soda springs or fruit punch lakes, do you?

“But I’m going to be so BORED!” 

The health and beauty benefits of drinking tons of water are too great to be ignored.

“But we’re just talking about it, and I’m already BORED of water.” 

Here’s the good news: Water doesn’t have to be a drag!

Here are some of the things I do to help spice things up in the water department:


1.) Get a Filtered Water Bottle!

There are lots to choose from, but I’m personally attached to Bobbles. Buying loads of bottled water is bad for the environment. Having a reusable bottle with a filter that you find aesthetically attractive will boost your confidence and make you want to use it. Hey, each filter equates to 300 bottles of water. That’s a good chunk of landfill space! Saving the planet feels sweeeeeet.


2.) Add Fruit!

My favorite combinations are lemon and lime, lemon and cucumber, or berries. Iced or chilled water is the way to go with adding real fruit.


3.) Squirt it!

If I want just a little hint of flavor without having fruit chunks floating in my water, I screw in the Citrus Master into a lemon or lime (or both!) and chh chh chh into my cup. (The Citrus Master is also great for spritzing salads and other foods. Check it out here.)


4.) Sparkle!

Sparkling water is one of the best alternatives to drinking an alcoholic beverage at night. The bubbles trick me into thinking it’s something else. Just keep it cool, and don’t let it go flat.


5) Flavor Sparkle!

Perrier has come out with these super cute pink grapefruit sparking water cans. I reach for one of these if I’m ever feeling nostalgic about drinking out of a tabbed can. These are delicious.

I keep on filling up the glass Voss bottle with filtered water and keep it in the fridge.

I keep on filling up the glass Voss bottle with filtered water and keep it in the fridge.

6.) Experiment with Temperature.

I mostly drink room temperature water. Cold water does not hydrate you as well as room temperature H2O. Hot water with a slice of lemon on some mornings has amazing detoxifying effects. Chilled water (not iced, but chilled in the fridge) is amazingly refreshing when you don’t drink it constantly.

In my opinion, the most important thing is to keep these suggestions for different waters somewhat special. Make it a treat and not the norm. If you’re guzzling down only grapefruit perrier all day long, it’s not going to be as awesome as it should be.


coconut water and kombucha

If you ever get bored of drinking water (or if you have a hangover) I suggest coconut water. It’s a natural source of electrolytes, and it’s delicious. The earth grew it, so it’s fine to drink.

If you want to drink something else that doesn’t have the word “water” on it, I suggest you try Kombucha with chia seeds. It’s an ancient drink that you can buy in bottles at Whole Foods (or some regular grocery stores.) Kombucha is an ancient Chinese “Health Elixir” that has been studied as a preventative/cure for cancer. The chia seeds are slimy, and as they pass through your intestines they grab toxins and hold on to them as they pass through your system. Cool, right?

Question: How do you not get bored with drinking so much water? Any other drinks that you can suggest as a break from the monotony? Leave a comment!

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