My First Spinning Class.

After a little prodding from a friend, I decided to join her in a spinning class this morning. spin-bikes21

I’ve been avoiding that dark room at the gym for years, worried that I’d be SO BORED on a stationary bike going nowhere.

And I was. A little.

The thing that really put me off at the beginning was when the instructor came over to help me adjust the seat and handlebars correctly, she put it in some sort of angle or height that was very uncomfortable. Siting straight up in the seat was bordering on painful. And the class hadn’t even started yet.

My friend assured me that what I was feeling was normal, so I took that as a sign to get over it.

Eventually, I did. I think my butt went numb.

I did end up liking the class more than I thought I would. TJ, the instructor at NYSC 145th st. in Harlem was great. Good Motown music (I was born in Memphis, so that stuff is my jam.) Lots of changes in positions, speed, and resistance.

Because it was my first time, I took the class at a moderate intensity level. I pushed myself towards the end, once I got the hang of things, but was really happy the class was only 45 minutes.

Is it something I’m going to get obsessed with? Probably not. Do I understand why others are so obsessed with it? Not yet. But I’m willing to try it a few more times.

Benefits of a Spinning Workout:

  1. 500 calories burned in a 45 minute class
  2. Builds muscle tone
  3. Increases cardiovascular endurance
  4. Lower impact exercise and reduced injury risk (I don’t know… my hips hurt a little bit.)
  5. Stress Relief (didn’t experience this one.)

It all just seems like a lot of work to end up right where you started.

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