Nike FuelBand

For my birthday last year, my boyfriend bought me a black Nike Fuel Band. You would think a girl would be insulted if her boyfriend got her exercise equipment, but not me. I was so stoked because I knew it would make me feel like a robot. And it did. And it is awesome.


There are mixed but mostly positive reviews about the FuelBand. It serves mainly as a motivator to keep active during the day. It’s a very attractive design that makes you feel cool when you press the button and make colorful lights dance on an apparently dark solid band. Whenever I press it, people around always go, “Ooh! What’s that!?” And that’s sweet.

You can compete with yourself and your friends through the NikePlus interface on your phone or computer. I like competing with other people because I’m an insane person. Think Monica from “Friends” competitive. Yeah. Do not play Monopoly with me. It is not fun.

Now, on to some drawbacks of the FuelBand. It is not accurate as a pedometer, though it says it tracks your steps during the day. It doesn’t measure distance for runs.

And, it’s not actually calculating calories burned. It can’t monitor heart rate. So it pisses me off that if I take a Bikram yoga class, all my hard work doesn’t translate to the FuelBand. That means my “Fuel” points are lower than they should be, and I’m only beating the competition. Not obliterating them.

There are rumors that Nike FuelBand 2 will add some features that are lacking in the current version. If it comes out on my birthday, I’ll die. I’ll be so excited, I’ll just die.

Bottom line: It’s a cool gadget with major motivating capacity. I’ve worn mine every day for a year. However, I’ve also gained some weight this year. But that’s because I drank too much wine, and that’s not the FuelBand’s fault.

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