The Plan.

I’m not going on a diet, and I’m not going to diet.

I’m just going to stop making bad choices on a regular basis. That’s my plan.

Diets do not work. After losing any bit of weight, you will eventually gain it all back plus more.

I already cook most of my food. And I’m already a vegetarian. I don’t drink sodas or other sugary crap drinks. I’m already physically active (I’m a dancer and dance teacher, dammit. I also teach Zumba.)

Then why am I 151.8 lbs? Because I’m eating and drinking and thinking and behaving like I don’t care about myself.

So what’s the plan?

IMG_5261Wanna lose weight? Stop drinking wine every night. It packs on a huge amount of empty calories at the end of the day, and (let’s be honest) makes me feel weird the next day. I don’t want to work out like a boss if I’m not feeling optimal.


Wanna lose weight? Stop eating so much cheese. Why are we the only animal who drinks milk past infancy, and why are we the only animal who chooses to guzzle down enormous portions of another species’ milk?  Milk is horrible for us. That is a fact. I’ve already stopped drinking milk and switched to soy. But, alas, cheese must be cut down too. (Notice I said cut down, not cut out. I’d like to enjoy my life, thank you very much.)IMG_0016_2

Wanna lose weight? I have to work out in addition to all the physical activity I’m doing on a consistent, daily basis. Even though I have a healthy lifestyle and exercise A LOT, I’ve hit a plateau. I’m going to vary my workouts before heading to work. I think that some interval training and shocking my body with as many different things as I can possibly do to it may just be super fun. I want to feel like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Every day.

IMG_0017_2Wanna lose weight? Drink more water. Like, a gallon of it a day. The health and dietary benefits of drinking massive amounts of water are too bad ass to ignore.

So that’s it. I’M NOT GOING ON A DIET. I’m going to change my mind about what is acceptable to put in my body and what I choose to do with my body. Plus, Lululemon’s miraculous capacity to shape rears only goes so far. Time to help my poor running pants out. ‘Cause they be cute.

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